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We collect data in Czech and do market research on the whole Czech market. We offer a wide range of qualitative and quantitative market research services, such as online focus groups, traditional focus groups, online discussion boards, in-depth interviews, phone interviews, shop audits, mystery shopping, and car clinics.
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Czech Republic Market Overview

The Czech Republic’s economy is among the most developed in Eastern and Central Europe. Electronics, transportation equipment, pharmaceuticals, the car industry, and tourism are the primary industries in the Czech Republic. The primary imports are petroleum, natural gas, and machinery. Additional imports consist of manufactured products, chemicals, and raw materials.

  • The Czech Republic is a developed country with an advanced, high income economy and high living standards.
  • Czechia is a thriving market economy that boasts one of the greatest GDP growth rates and lowest unemployment levels in the EU, but its emphasis on exports renders economic growth vulnerable to contractions in external demand.
  • The country’s exports comprise about 80% of GDP and mostly consist of autos, the country’s single largest industry.
  • After slowly recovering from a deep recession in 2009, the Czech economy again went into recession in 2012 and 2013 because of a decline in demand within the EU and government austerity measures.

Long-term concerns include dealing with a rapidly aging population, a shortage of trained workers, a faltering education system, funding an unsustainable pension and health care system, and diversifying away from manufacturing and toward a more high-tech, services-based, knowledge economy

The most economically active cities in the Czech Republic are Prague and Brno, which are also expected to continue to contribute significantly to the national economy. Increased productivity and extensive digitalization both support the cities’ thriving economies. Moreover, Brno has the best chance of experiencing future economic growth. But, challenges will still exist for the country’s cities, including population aging and rising global inflation over the long run.


Slovakia and Germany are the biggest consumers of Czech exports. These two countries also serve as the principal sources of Czech imports. Other key trading partners are France, Austria, Poland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Russian Federation. The United States is another key commercial partner.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is the fundamental pillar of the Czech’s economy. There is substantial production from high-tech engineering, machine engineering, and automotive engineering. The Czech Republic is the 12th largest worldwide automotive exporter and has employed over 150,000 people. Statistics suggest that in the year 2010, 54.2 percent of the products of the automotive sector were shipped to Germany, Poland, and Slovakia.

Transportation and telecommunications

Due to terrain, settlement patterns, former federal policies, and geographic orientation toward western Europe, the Czech Republic’s transportation system is more extensive than Slovakia’s. All regions of the country are serviced by rail, the republic is connected to its neighbors, and Prague is linked to the majority of major European cities. Light-rail transit serves the major metropolitan areas. The majority of freight travels along mainline routes, while passenger traffic on shorter routes between the larger cities is significant.

COVID-19 impact on travel

COVID-19 caused lockdowns and border closures in the Czech Republic from late January to mid-February 2021. In Q1 and April-May, the Czech government recommended citizens to travel only if essential. Domestic travel will continue to lead the recovery, followed by European land, European air, and long-haul travel. The travel industry won’t recover until 2023-2024.

Czech Healthcare

Since 1992, the Czech Republic has had a universal health care system based on a model of required insurance, with fee-for-service care paid by employment-related insurance plans. According to the Euro health consumer index for 2018, a comparison of healthcare in Europe, Czech healthcare is ranked fourteenth, only behind Portugal and two positions ahead of the United Kingdom.

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We offer access to our web panel of consumers, healthcare professionals, and business-to-business contacts with full service and recruitment-only options.
All of our project managers are fluent English speakers.
Within moments, our feasibility team responds to any questions about costs and viability and provides in-depth market research on Eastern European markets.

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We deliver online, telephone, and face-to-face market research to enterprises, investors, international market research firms, and online panel suppliers.

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