Decline of Small Shops and Neighborhood Stores

In recent years, discounters and supermarkets have reduced the share of most small stores, which has also affected their number. Research on retail, carried out by Stratega, is based on an analysis of the market and competition in the retail sector.

The Impact of Discounters and Supermarkets

The reason why the number of small shops and neighborhood shops is declining is the prices offered by retail chains, and above all, by discounters. Networks such as the most popular Biedronka are located in medium or small cities, where they tempt customers with lower prices and advertising campaigns aimed at the less wealthy society. Market research confirmed that already two years ago the number of small shops started to decline and only liquor and automotive shops recorded an increase. The collapse of small retailers is also joined by the Internet, where customers increasingly visit and shop.

Projected Trends and Dominance of Discounters

The decrease in turnover of traditional stores in 2014 is to be at a similar level to the previous one, and market analyzes predict an over 10% decrease in the turnover of small stores. The research confirms once again that the retail trade is dominated by discounters, because this type of stores will record the highest revenue, which is expected to be PLN 46 billion, which is an increase of over 6% compared to the previous year. In the coming months, we can also expect an increase in sales through online stores, and the entire e-commerce market ended last year with an increase of 15%.

Adapting to Thrive: The Power of Chain Stores and Franchises

The only option for individual stores is to create a chain of premises or switch to a franchise. From year to year, more and more stores are licensed, and as a result, 3,000 new stores are opened in Poland in 2013. To effectively compete on the retail market, you need to perform numerous analyzes of the commercial sector and competition analyzes offered by the Stratega company.

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