Automotive market in Poland

Stratega Poland offers comprehensive consulting services and automotive market research in Poland. We offer car clinics, focus groups, telephone interviews using our CATI call center and mystery shopping for the automotive industry in Poland.

Automotive industry in Poland in 2013 did not reach such good results as before 2008, but there is a progress in comparison with the last two years. Moreover market researches conduct that neighboring countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia produces almost two millions cars more than Poland. This situation is caused by the Polish law, which somewhat makes development of the automotive industry difficult for producers.

Foreign investors will be willing to produce cars in Poland when there will be changes in the law about the deduction of taxes on company cars and the replacement of the excise tax which should be dependent on the environmental performance of vehicles. It would be also an occasion to eliminate older and more dangerous cars of which the average age is 14 years old. Data analysis of the brand showed that Poles still prefer buying Skoda cars, but their second choices are Volkswagen and Toyota. Automotive European market looks similar, but the leader among most purchased car brands is Volkswagen. Surprising, but at the same time comforting is the fact that Polish buyers slowly convince to the premium cars, especially BMW, Mercedes or Lexus. The number of such registered vehicles has increased two times faster than the popular cars.

Market research conducted by Stratega Poland, shows that the value of the entire Polish automotive market in Poland in 2013 amounted to PLN 109 billion which is better result by 6.3% in comparison with the last year. The beginning of the current year was even better because in the first two months Polish buyers purchased more cars by 11%. It is not a secret that this good outcome of automotive industry is a result of a situation in which drivers could buy a car with LCV homologation and they did not have to pay the VAT. This opportunity is available to the end of March 2014 and the analysts are curious if the great outcome of purchased cars will still be at such good level.

According to recent market report by Stratega Poland, Western Europe is the third largest market in terms of vehicles sold and only North America and China have achieved better results (China sold 21 million of cars which is the 25% worldwide market shares). The biggest progress on the automotive market is expected to be in China, Brazil, India and Russia as well. On the other hand, Stratega Poland estimated based on market research that Poland is the third largest automotive market in Central and Eastern Europe.