For several years, we have dreamed about smartphones, laptops, PS4 consoles, smartwatches and exotic trips. It is hard to believe that only 40 years ago, only half of Poles received any gift on Christmas. Most often hats, scarves and slippers, sweets or toiletries. While children in the West played with a Barbie doll, in Poland it was a rocking horse or sleds.

We buy gifts, because it is tradition, but also, to give pleasure to loved ones and show that we care about them. Gifts are important. But the emotions that accompany the gifting are equally important. That is why we look for gifts that are ideally suited to their needs and those that they would not buy themselves, and have long dreamed about them. Recent research showed, that we most often invest in cosmetics (35 %). Sweets are 33 %, perfumes 29 %, clothing 28 %. Books or e-books are 22 %.

Men prefer electronics (24 %), in the women group, highest rated are cosmetics (40 %). However, women are increasingly enjoying smartphones or tablets (19%). Men would also like to stop receiving  clothes and cosmetics (28% of men get them). They prefer electronic equipment (13%), home appliances or tickets – to the theater, for a match or an exotic trip.


We also minimize the risk of mistakes by avoiding rush, stress and crowds in shopping centers. The atmosphere counts for the Poles not only at the Christmas table, but also during shopping. Already 62 % of us buy gifts online (a quarter on the Allegro shopping platform). Regardless of whether they live in big cities or in the villages.

Thanks to e-shopping, Polish consumers have access to all stores in the world, which increasingly deliver abroad for free, and prepare attractive discount actions before Christmas. Around 33 % of consumers are doing shopping by their mobile devices.