healthcare market research in Poland
healthcare market research in Poland

Healthcare market research in Poland, Europe, or literally, any other country, is what drives the whole sector forward. Interviews and surveys with patients and healthcare professionals provide massive amounts of data. For example, perceptions, hopes, and concerns related to medications, treatments, but also marketing communication adopted by pharmaceutical brands. Stratega offers its experience and local market knowledge as regards positioning, concept testing, product or services testing, or whole ads or campaigns testing.

With our wide experience, we can help your company realize your medical market research projects in Poland. Read more about our methods and capability!

Quantitative studies

Quantitative studies include mainly online surveys conducted among healthcare professionals and patients. Usually, such surveys last no more than 30-40 minutes, most typically 10-15 minutes. Also, respondents can access the research tool any time it’s comfortable for them. In such a way, it is easier to encourage potential respondents to participate in our studies.

Qualitative studies

Qualitative methods allow for a more in-depth understanding on the audience’s reactions, (unmet) needs or problems. Individual in-depth interviews (in person in our viewing facility, with the use of telephone or web-assisted), as well as group focus interviews, allow for a detailed exploration of concepts and solutions offered by your company.

Our medical market research services also include simultaneous translation, English/local language transcripts as well as various analysis and reports. We can also support you in designing your study, to achieve the best results and address your research objectives to the fullest.


With our experience in the Polish as well as other European markets (e.g. Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Hungary and many others), we are able to access various healthcare specialists. Our databases include general practitioners, family doctors, retail pharmacists, general and specialist nurses, as well as patients.

Depending on the specialty, we can cover from five to even hundreds of respondents. Our comprehensive databases and established relationships with physicians and patients enable efficient recruitment, good response rate, and respondents to provide best-quality insights.s. In the case of low incidence target groups, we can support our efforts with phone to web recruitment, as well.


Requests for quotes can be sent to our researchers’ team. Let us know of your research goals, the desired method, and sample, and we’ll do our best to help with your healthcare market research in Poland or many other European countries.

Published On: July 31st, 2022 at 2:53 AM