New technologies dramatically are changing the trade. What is the basis of this change? It may be evolving expectations, needs and lifestyle of the modern client. In the purchasing process convenience is increasingly important.  Most crucial are speed and the possibility of selecting the most convenient sales channel by the customer.

It is new technologies that allow retail chains not only to observe consumer trends and behaviors, but above all to quickly respond to them and respond to them.

New technologies give networks tools that help them improve their work and offer services that increase the convenience of shopping. They enable customers free choice on how they will go through the purchasing process. At the same time, thanks to new technologies, the network accompanies clients at every stage of the purchasing process.

Multi-channeling of sales, implementation of online and offline connection services. They are shortening the time of shopping and matching the offer to the needs of consumers is a challenge, but also a necessity.

Nowadays customers are no longer limited only to landline or internet purchases.

Costumers travel between available sales channels by selecting the most convenient ones for yourself in a given place and time.

To implement this strategy, it is crucial to understand the behavior of their clients. Also their shopping migration and the decision-making process. This, in turn, ultimately translates into the transformation of the entire organizational model of the company.

New technologies are an indispensable element of the strategy of the majority (if not all) of enterprises in Poland. The ambition of the companies is to provide customers with the best shopping experience. Thanks to new technologies, we can improve and enrich all sales channels offering them a wide portfolio of services. It gives tthe customers the choice and freedom to go through the shopping process in the most tailored way to their needs.