What do the Polish consumers spend the most money on? It turns out that most of our expenses are payments for housing, food, alcohol/cigarettes.

For Polish consumers and other citizens of the European Union, it is the most expensive to maintain a flat. Eurostat data shows that in Poland, rent-related payments absorb almost 21.2 % of the budget (the EU average is 24.4%).

The next in the ranking of expenses are food and gasoline. We allocate 15.8% of our budget in food, for fuel it’s 7.4%. Unfortunately, Polish consumers spend a large part of their income on alcohol and nicotine. Polish buyers spend 6.1% of their budget on alcohol and cigarettes. Research shows that in EU the average is only 3.9%.

It turns out that we spend less than others Europeans on clothing and shoes. We spend 5.2% a month for this purpose.

How about pleasure in general?

168 PLN per month – this is how much Polish consumers spend on pleasure (spending free time, entertainment).

The value of expenses allocated in spending free time is very diversed in individual groups. It clearly depends on the amount of income, people with higher earnings spend more on their pleasures and entertainment (about 20%) than the group with lower earnings (about 10%). The exception are young people who, despite their modest budgets, spend around 20% of their income on pleasures.

Research shows that women spend almost 155 PLN on pleasures (about PLN 30 less than men). Older people (mostly retired) spend over 60 PLN less than the average for all groups, which is just over 100 PLN. People with primary education, who usually can not count on high wages, they spend less than 100 PLN a month on entertainment and pleasures – almost three times less than people with higher education.