§ 1


  1. Regulations available on the website https://strategaresearch.pl/regulamin , and each time sent in the competition message specifying the rules for conducting the Competition ,, Grupafokusowe.pl ”organized by Stratega CEE Sp. z o.o. based in Łódź, hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”.
  2. The aim of the Competition is to select the Winners of the Competition
  3. The organizer of the competition is Stratega CEE Sp. z o.o. with headquarters at ul. Wólczańska 125, 90–521 Łódź, NIP number 7692223109, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”.
  4. The competition is carried out by the Organizer according to the following stages:

Announcement of the Competition by the Organizer, announcement of the conditions for participation in the Competition, performance of the competition task and transfer of prizes.

Program of the course of the Competition:

– entries of Competition Participants from * to *

completion of the competition task by *

– announcement of the results of the Competition by *

transfer of the cash prizes to the bank account within a maximum of 20 working days from the date of proper completion of the competition task.

  1. The deadline for handing over the prizes will be announced each time to the Competition Laureates who have won the Competition.
  2. Due to the Purpose of the Competition, they can take part in it * hereinafter referred to as “Participants”.
  3. A Contestant may submit his entry to the Contest only once for a given Contest

§ 2


  1. The Candidate for the Competition is made by himself or with his consent by another person authorized by the Participant to do so.
  2. Application to the Competition may only take place on the date indicated by the Organizer.
  3. The notification is made by means of distance communication, in particular by phone or e-mail .
  4. The entry to the Competition is effective only if the Participant receives from the Organizer a confirmation of acceptance of the entry into the Competition.
  5. An application submitted after the deadline or an application that does not receive confirmation of its acceptance by the Organizer may not constitute the basis for the Participant’s request to participate in the Competition, and may not constitute the basis for any other.

Participant’s requests.

§ 3
The manner of conducting the Competition

  1. The Competition Committee consists of at least one employee of the Organizer or a third party indicated by the Organizer, each time selected for a given Competition.
  2. In the event that the Competition Committee is composed of several people, the members of this Competition Committee choose from among themselves the chairman of the Competition Committee who conducts the work of the Committee.
  1. The task of the Competition Committee is to evaluate the submitted applications of Participants who have met the requirements set out in § 1 point 6 of the Competition Regulations, and to select the Competition Winners from among those applications.
  2. When selecting the Competition Laureates, the Commission takes into account such factors as in particular:

1) the deadline for submitting the Participant to the Competition,

2) correctness of the Participant’s answer to the question asked about the Competition.

  1. The Committee selects the Laureates of the Prize at a secret session – after its members familiarize themselves with the applications of the Participants who have met the requirements set out in § 1 point 6 of the Competition Regulations.
  2. When voting, each member of the Committee has one vote, if the Committee consists of more than one person. Otherwise, the Prize is awarded on the basis of an independent election of a member of the Committee.
  3. In the case specified in point 6 sentence first of this paragraph of the Rules of the Competition, the decisions of the Committee are made by a majority of votes. The proceedings of the Committee are not public.
  4. Prize Winners selected in the manner specified in points 4-6 will then receive an independent task, the performance of which will authorize them to collect the Prize in the Competition (“Competition Task”). In the event that the Prize Winner fails to properly perform the task indicated by the Organizer, he or she will lose the right to the Prize in the Competition.
  5. The Competition Organizer will inform each Competition Participant about the type, scope and manner of performance, date and place of performance of the Competition Task upon the Participant’s entry into the Competition.
  6. Competition question is:

§ 4


  1. The cash prize granted to the Competition Winner by the Organizer if the Winner meets all the conditions set out in the Competition Regulations, will be paid to the indicated bank account number by the Competition participant in the amount *net Gross. In the Competition, the number of * Winners will be selected.
  2. In the case of a cash prize, the Organizer of the Contest – Stratega CEE will pay the participant the amount reduced by 10% of the tax on the prize. The Organizer of the Competition bears the cost of the tax.

However, when a participant wins a material prize in the competition, he will have to pay the organizer the amount of tax due and only after fulfilling this obligation will he be able to receive his prize.

§ 5

Competition Secret

Each Competition Participant is obliged to keep confidential the information they receive in connection with their participation in the Competition. This obligation covers all information obtained by the Competition Participant, regardless of its form or method of recording. This obligation includes the prohibition of disclosing the information, as well as the prohibition to use it in personal interest, or a third party.

§ 6

Complaints Policy

  1. Complaints may be submitted in writing by mail or in writing directly
    at the Organiser’s Office to the address indicated in § 1 point 3 of the Regulations, within 7 days from the date of the end of the Competition. The postal or confirmation of its submission at the Organiser’s office decides about the correct submission of the complaint.
  2. Each complaint should contain the following Competition Participant’s data:
  3. name and surname, address and contact telephone number of the person submitting the complaint,
  4. the reason for the complaint and the content of the complaint request;
  5. Complaints are considered by the Organizer. Only complaints – submitted are considered
    in writing, containing the data specified in § 6 point 2 of the Regulations;
  6. The complaint procedure takes 3 (three) business days. The notification about the result of the complaint will be sent to the person submitting the complaint by post (registered mail) to the address indicated in the complaint. The date of sending the parcel by the Organizer (date as postmark) is decisive for keeping the three-day deadline;
  7. The complaint procedure is voluntary, and the exhaustion of the complaint procedure is not necessary before the realization of your claims in court proceedings.

§ 7

Final Provisions

  1. The participant voluntarily agrees to the processing of his personal data by Stratega CEE Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Łódź at ul. Wólczańska 125 in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of May 10, 2018. Journal of Laws 2018, item 1000 and “GDPR” (Regulation of the European Parliament and the EU Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC). Personal data includes, in particular, name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, address data, opinions, information, voice, image and other content provided by me during adjudication and conducting the competition (hereinafter jointly as “Data”), which will be saved in the form of an audiophile and / or audiovisual recording.
  2. The Competition Participant will voluntarily provide the Organizer with his personal data, including name, surname, age, place of residence, e-mail address, Participant’s contact details , which is a condition for taking part in the Competition.

The data administrator is Stratega CEE Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Łódź (90-521), at 125 Wólczańska Street, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, XX Department of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000541582, NIP number 7692223109382. You can contact the Data Administrator by phone at 48 (22) 275 56, at the following e-mail address: inspektor@stratega.pl or by sending correspondence to the company’s registered office address.

  1. The contest participant agrees that Stratega CEE Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Łódź at ul. Wólczańska 125 a, 90-521 Łódź, necessary materials collected for the conduct and adjudication of the competition, i.e. recordings containing Data (def. As above), with the proviso that this recording will be used exclusively not for internal purposes, including archiving and the right to inspect the recording in order to verify this competition. Stratega CEE Sp. z o.o. conducts competitions at the request of Polish and foreign clients, including clients from outside the EU.

4. By entering the Competition, the Participant accepts the provisions of the Competition Regulations.

  1. Stratega CEE Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make changes to these regulations.
  2. The competition is not a game of chance or a mutual bet within the meaning of the Gambling Act of November 19, 2009 (Journal of Laws of 2018, No. 165, as amended).
  3. Additional information about the Competition can be obtained at the e-mail address rekrutacja@stratega.pl
  4. The Regulations are available at the Organiser’s office throughout the duration of the Competition.
  5. The regulations are valid from 01/01/2021.

* – Information varies depending on the characteristics of the competition.