Polish people love to shop in foreign chain stores. Consumers behavior is constantly changing along with rapidly changing economy. Despite this, the polish market has been overtaken for years by food discounters.

We are used to shopping in large retail chains. When it comes to decision of the place we want to choose for shopping, we ultimately buy mainly from a foreign entrepreneurs. Despite the fashion for economic patriotism that has been a trend for last several years. This choice allows us not to exceed the household budget. But also shopping in a large stores is very convenient and offers us a wide range of different products from various producents. Researchers asked polish consumers which stores they choose most often.


Almost 85% surveyed claimed, that they are shopping in Biedronka. Sharply behind Biedronka we can find Lidl which was chosen by 52% of polish consumers. Nearly 34% chose shopping in Kaufland. Auchan found 30% of supporters in the polish market . According to the list of most popular stores in Poland, it’s almost impossible to find one with a Polish capital. There is only Spolem with a result of 15% of polish consumers, located on 11th place.

The market is more and more divided, although the Portuguese network is developing in Poland invariably. In the last year Biedronka saw an increase in net sales almost by 13%.  it might seem that the stores of the popular network are standing around every corner. But Jeronimo Martins managed to open in 2017 around 121 new points across the country.

However, discounters have to be more and more competitive. With disposable income growing, consumers not only expect to find the lowest prices in store at key players but draw a lot of attention to the product quality. Including a better choice of branded goods. Currently discounters are almost 30% of organised grocery retail in Poland with having the largerst market share at the same time.