Rewolucja w handlu i konsumpcji
Rewolucja w handlu i konsumpcji

Having got less and less important

Access is more important than ever. From year to year, we own a smaller and smaller part of what we use. Recent studies of market research agency in Poland shows that over 90% of Polish consumers participate in the subscription economy.

Digital technology drives the migration from products to services

Possession is no longer fashionable. Music or movies that we have bought on durable media for years, then put on a shelf and shown to the gathered friends, today we download from the Internet, paying a monthly subscription.

The upcoming technological changes, i.e. the introduction of 5G to the market, and more and more advanced methods of offering content, in my opinion, will significantly contribute to the increased interest in streaming services in Poland. The marketing expenses incurred by the biggest players in promoting their online services are also significant.

We rarely decide to subscribe to digital services: computer software (22%), access to music platforms (19%), mobile applications / games (18%) or computer / console games (15%), as well as membership in fitness clubs ( 16%), press subscriptions / information services (14%), private healthcare packages (14%) or services from the wider entertainment segment such as cinema and theater tickets (11%). Subscriptions for food products are lower, for example box diets (7%), transportation services such as long-term car rental (6%), boxes for cosmetics, clothing or accessories (5%) and educational platforms (3%).

It is clearly visible that we have three segments of subscription services in Poland. All well known and traditionally offered in subscription models. The second is digital health and entertainment goods and services – present on the Polish market for some time, however, they are popular mainly among relatively young and technologically conscious people. The third is created by emerging services – recently offered to Polish consumers, often expensive and available to a limited extent.

Published On: May 7th, 2019 at 5:24 PM