It turns out that already more than 3/4 of buyers bypass the stationary stores. We avoid queues, crowds and stress accompanying buying in such conditions by purchasing over the internet. The trend that particularly highlights its presence this year is the increase in the share of the mobile channel. It is already responsible for more than half of purchases in online stores.

Polish consumers have more and more expectations for stores that need to make every effort to improve communication and customer service in all channels of contact with buyers.

Mobile phones are responsible for more than half of all network purchases. As well as for 1/3 of all orders placed in e-stores. It is a huge increase compared to the previous year. By 70% in Christmas orders and by 90% in network traffic. For example, during Black Friday shopping online accounted for 60% of all purchases.

E-store forecasts assume that products will be sold by 13% more this year than last year. The number of orders will be lower by 5%. It is the result of easier access to online payments. thanks to them it is possible to pay for several products under one order.

During the holiday season, stationary stores definitely lose their attractiveness. As many as 77% of buyers bypassed them due to the crowd (nearly 58%). Traffic jams (almost 33%), lack of parking spaces (around 28%), greater convenience of online shopping (nearly 29%). Therefore, in the pre-Christmas period, revenues from e-commerce increase twice.

51% of traffic on the e-commerce network is generated by mobile phones, 40% computers, and 9% tablets. With these statistics, 30% of all online orders are placed using smartphones.

Shops that develop e-commerce alongside the traditional sales channel have an interesting growth prospect. There are for sure new opportunities to compete for customer reasons.