Food for Easter will be about 2.5 % more expensive than last year. According to the bank’s analysts, vegetables and bread will grow the most. However, eggs will be definitely cheaper.

According to bank analysts, due to last year’s crop failure in Poland and the European Union, significant increases in vegetable prices have been observed in recent months.In the first quarter of 2019, in Poland, wheat was bought on average at PLN 824. Its neraly 25 % more expensive than in the first quarter of 2018. It should be noted, however, that the growth rate of retail prices of flour and bread is not so significant. Prices of these products bought for this year’s Easter may be respectively by 8 and 11 percent. higher than the same period last year Prices of meat and dairy products similar to last year

As for meat, both pork and poultry, analysts indicate that we should expect to pay a similar amount for them, as it was the case last year. Slices can be slightly more expensive, by 1-2 %. The prices of dairy products, including curd and butter, will not be affected by any significant changes. – We have good news for consumers of eggs, whose prices have been record high in recent years. After the turmoil connected with supply, the situation on the market stabilized. Consequently, retail prices of eggs can be up to 10%. lower than those we observed last year. Due to the large supply of fruit, both domestic and citrus, these products in stores will be more than 10 percent. cheaper.

Almost 44 % of Polish consumers buy presents for Easter. What do we give our relatives most willingly?

The Polish family spends an average of over PLN 360 on Easter, in larger families this amount will exceed PLN 400. We will spend this money mainly on the household, but also on gifts for relatives. Nearly half of the population decides to buy gifts *. What do our loved ones usually receive? Of course, sweets in the form of chocolate eggs, lambs, bunnies and chicken. – That is why many companies have already specialized in offering these products at this time. When Christmas periods come, such as Easter, Christmas or, for example, Valentine’s Day sale on the Polish confectionery market is growing rapidly. Although according to statistics, the Christmas period is better in this respect than Easter, and at this time of the year, sales can also be expected to increase  .