Walentynki – czas wydawania i wzbogacania
Walentynki – czas wydawania i wzbogacania

Valentine’s Day – a celebration of love and the perfect time to fill their pockets by perfume manufacturers, restaurants and florists. Poles like gifts and the celebration of Valentine’s Day. This year they will spend around PLN 120 on Valentine’s gifts. In addition to flowers or perfumes, they will also buy sweets, according to a study prepared by Allegro and the Mobile Institute.

Valentine’s Day is firmly established in Polish culture. A 2018 study (TNS Kantar for Allegro) shows that as many as 83 percent of Poles will buy at least a symbolic gift for this occasion. Meanwhile, only 20 years ago, only 42 percent of Poles celebrated this holiday. Allegro and the Mobile Institute for market research, has looked at the most popular Valentine’s Day purchases on Allegro. And it asked a representative group of Poles about their Valentine’s Day customs.


We like spontaneous shopping. Only 17% of Valentine’s Day budgets have a specific Valentine’s Day budget. We plan to spend usually PLN 100-150 on gifts. This is slightly higher or the same as last year – that’s what 76% of respondents who set up a budget for Valentine’s Day say. Already every third Pole says that there are more promotions and special offers on the Internet. Dedicated Valentine’s gift sets are bought by 27% of those who celebrate Valentine’s Day. Gifts with the inscription or engraving 38%, and every fourth person makes Valentine’s Day gifts on their own. This year, 45% of those who buy Valentine’s Day gifts are going to buy a gift on Allegro.

The most popular gifts for ladies on Allegro are: flowers, perfumes and toilet waters, underwear and jewelry. The most popular gifts for men are t-shirts, perfumes and toilet waters, wallets, bracelets and socks. There is also a universal gift, high in the popularity ranking: a teddy bear. Such purchases are made at the rate of 2 – 3 bears per minute.


Poles celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving themselves. This is often on the occasion of being together at home or in a restaurant. 35% of couples in Poland order or prepare dinner at home. When choosing a restaurant, we make sure that it is close to home and a place where the couple have not been (20%). It is also important that it is a place with shared good memories (20%). Poles most often celebrate Valentine’s Day with wine (63%) and champagne (32%). Wine is also mentioned as a favorite Valentine’s drink, although there are also whiskey with cola and mojitos.

Every 8th Pole celebrating Valentine’s Day orders a dinner on this occasion, most often it is something from French, Italian or sushi cuisine, ¼ will order something from their favorite restaurant, more than half will use a dedicated Valentine’s Day menu proposed by the restaurant.

Published On: February 12th, 2020 at 4:47 AM