Influencerzy w biznesie
Influencerzy w biznesie

For several years, the influencer market has been one of the fastest growing in Poland

This gives the commercial sector great opportunities. However, the reliability of the investment depends mainly on the choice of the right person and the principles of cooperation. The ability to create specific purchasing attitudes among your customers is crucial, and it’s not that simple. Even experienced influencers often present products with which they do not fully identify. It also happens that they just don’t know how to present them effectively. There are situations when retail companies themselves force them to act inconsistent with their daily image on the web. These mistakes should be avoided as they have consequences for both parties.

Dynamic development

New channels are created every now and then on YouTube, and the number of Instagram profiles continues to grow. Nowadays, being an influencer is simply fashionable, and in fact, literally anyone can become one. This is evidenced by the popularity of Google searches such as “how to become an influencer”. Recently, the strongly promoted “Influencer Camp” was created, addressed to young artists. Given the breadth of the categories, anyone in the industry can find an influencer to work with. As the number of such people grows, companies will have an increasing choice of partners.

Serious retail companies use all communication channels and market research studies in Poland to increase sales. Increasingly, they use the services of influencers who grew up in the power of social media as a form of promotion. However, in order to work with them, one should be careful about the topic as it mainly concerns young people. Older and wealthier clients rely more on their own experience or on the opinions of trusted people, especially those of a similar age.

Published On: May 31st, 2019 at 2:59 PM