For several years, the influencer market has been growing fast in Poland.

This gives the retail sector great opportunities. However, investment reliability depends mainly on the choice of the right person and the principles of cooperation. The ability to create specific shopping attitudes among customers is crucial, and this is not easy. Without the ability to influence the so-called followers, curiosity about their brand promotion and credibility of such activities is closer to spamming than to marketing. Even experienced influencers sometimes present products with which they do not quite identify. Sometimes also do not know how to effectively present them. It also happens that retail companies themselves force them to act incompatible with the daily presence on the web. Such mistakes must be avoided because they have consequences for both parties. 

Dynamic development

New channels are created on YouTube and the number of profiles on Instagram increases. According to the expert, unfortunately there are no reliable studies. Also reports that would determine the rate at which this group of people is growing. There was a real fashion for being an influencer, who in fact could be anyone. This is evidenced by the popularity of questions about how to become one, in Google search engines. As well as the recently promoted Influencer Camp, addressed to young creators.Taking into account the width of the category, everyone in the industry is able to find an influencer with whom it could cooperate. With the increase in the number of such people, companies will have more and more choices of partners.

Serious retail companies use all communication channels to increase sales. They are present everywhere and in fact increasingly use the services of influencers who have grown up in the power of social media. However, to cooperate with them you have to be approached with caution, because they mainly affect young people. And these do not always have a lot of buying power. Older and wealthier clients rely more on their own experience or on the opinions of trusted people, especially those of a similar age.