Exciting news! At Stratega Market Research, we value staying at the industry forefront. Join Stratega at ESOMAR Congress Amsterdam 2023 provides an opportunity to showcase our expertise, expand networks, and enrich knowledge. Our experienced researchers eagerly engage in discussions and explore innovative methodologies, focusing on qualitative and quantitative approaches. We aim to deliver actionable insights for informed decision-making.

What is Stratega’s goal at ESOMAR Congress Amsterdam 2023?

During the ESOMAR Congress 2023, we’ll delve into the latest market research techniques, including utilizing focus groups for qualitative data. We believe in the strength of qualitative research in understanding consumer perceptions. Additionally, our experts explore quantitative methods in B2B market research, employing advanced statistical analysis for data-driven solutions and ongoing research projects. Comprehensive surveys, data modeling, and segmentation techniques provide profound market understanding.

Director Lukasz Wdowiak at Esomar Congress Amsterdam 2023

As ESOMAR members, we prioritize cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches for impactful insights. Our participation in this event reaffirms our commitment to continuous growth. Our seasoned researchers are enthusiastic about engaging in thought-provoking discussions and exploring innovative approaches, firmly positioning Stratega at the forefront of the market research landscape.

Stay tuned for exciting updates from Stratega at ESOMAR Congress 2023, where we’ll share key insights and discoveries, driving the future of market research. Our active involvement will enhance our capabilities for even more impactful solutions to clients. As we all know, global pandemic has changed market research world significantly. We aim to adapt to those changes and provide best services possible.

If attending the ESOMAR Congress, meet our Director Lukasz Wdowiak to explore how Stratega Market Research can contribute to your organization’s success. We are proud to offer qualitative and quantitative market research services, specializing in both market research in Romania and market research in the Czech Republic, as well as other Eastern European regions. Our expertise encompasses comprehensive data collection and analysis, providing valuable insights for well-informed decision-making in these regions. Whether you require a deep understanding of consumer behavior or industry trends, our team is equipped to deliver accurate and actionable results. We are excited to connect with you and propel your success with unparalleled market intelligence!

Published On: August 31st, 2023 at 9:27 AM