Research and result
Research and result

The Research & Results 2019, Munich, 23-24 October

Research & Results is a trade show in Germany, dedicated to the market research industry. The event consists of an exhibition and a congress, where the market and opinion researchers, field organizations, test studios, software vendors, data collection and analysis services providers as well as market research agencies and consultants meet and discuss trends in the industry. First of all, visitors use the fair to learn about market research and establish and maintain business contacts. But, it’s also a great occasion to present the innovations, research topics or solutions.

Stratega’s team on the event

Stratega Poland represented Eastern Europe during the trade show this year. Our representatives, our Business Development Director – Łukasz Wdowiak, and our Operational Director – Izabela Remba, were the ones to talk about our methods and research possibilities in Stratega. They offered our international colleagues valuable information on marketing research in Poland. They also shared their experience and some tips and tricks used in our research agency to provide the highest-quality results.

Stratega’s research offer

Stratega specializes in qualitative and quantitative market research in Poland and Eastern Europe. Also, we support companies from around the world to conduct effective market research in the CEE region.

If you want to learn more about our research methods, or would like to request for quote for your research project – contact us here. 

Published On: October 22nd, 2019 at 4:19 AM