The Quirk’s Event NYC

Stratega Poland & CEE will be attending The Quirk’s Event NYC, a major market research conference in New York on February 23rd and 24th 2015. You can meet Izabela Remba and Lukasz Wdowiak at booth 613 exhibiting together with friends and partners from Fieldwork Network, I-View London, Estudio Silvia Rocca and Viewpoint Europe.

“We are very excited to be here in New York and to be able to meet the US based clients. We serve a number of companies from the US conducting market research projects in Poland and Eastern Europe. The Quirk’s Event in New York is a fantastic opportunity to meet them in person”

Says Izabela Remba, Operations Director at Stratega Poland.

Meet Stratega!

The Quirk’s Event has sold out with over 1000 registered participants and sponsors. Thus, it was one of the most important market research conferences in the World. Stratega Poland & Eastern Europe will be exhibiting at the conference as well as participating in a number of accompanying market research events including the Market Research Jam Session on Sunday, February 22, at Hill Country and The Research Club, Monday, February 23, 7:30 p.m., Amarachi Prime.

“We want to make sure that we give our clients all the opportunity to meet and get to know each other. We will be attending all the events and you can meet us at our booth or at the Research Club.”

Says Lukasz Wdowiak, Director of Business Development at Stratega Poland.

Stratega Poland & CEE offers US-based clients unique service delivering fieldwork, data collection, and full-service market research in Poland and Eastern Europe. Due to that, as a one-stop-shop for market research in Poland and Eastern Europe Stratega provides qualitative and quantitative marketing research. We include Focus Vision equipped viewing facility, in-house recruitment team specializing in consumer, B2B, and healthcare recruitment. Also, we recruit for focus groups and in-depth interviews. Additionally, Stratega operates its own CATI call center with 20 stations. We also have our own CAPI research department, and an English speaking project management team. Thanks to this, we are able to handle projects in Poland and across multiple Eastern European markets.

Why is it worth attending?

“The Quirk’s Event NYC is a fantastic opportunity for us to come to New York and give US based clients confidence that they are in good hands when running projects in Poland and Eastern Europe. Also, we have a very experienced team. We have run some of the biggest projects in the industry and thus, we can confidently deliver any marketing research even for the most demanding clients”

Says Izabela Remba, Operations Director.

The new format of Quirk’s Event NYC conference makes it different from other market research events. Now, it is based on making the exhibition hall the focus of the entire conference. Thus, it gives exhibitors and participants a chance to spend time discussing market research products and services.

This year’s conference

The conference proofed to be a big success. It was appreciated by final clients representing FMCG, retail and other industries attending the show. The main shift in the conference program made it more affordable and created huge interest across the market research industry. There are not many keynote speakers and no fancy food is served. Yet, with coffees, pizzas, and hot dogs market researchers have an opportunity to meet over 1,000 clients and colleagues. In an attempt to make the conference casual and accessible to all market research companies, fancy breakfasts and lunches have been replaced with grab and go snacks. Stratega Poland and CEE is no exception offering Polish sweets and chocolates flown directly from Warsaw.

“If you visit our booth number 613, you can taste a number of Polish and Eastern European sweets. You can be sure to leave with a bag of chocolates”

Says Lukasz Wdowiak, Director Business Development at Stratega.

Published On: February 22nd, 2015 at 11:29 PM