System kaucyjny
System kaucyjny
The deposit system is to cover both selected disposable and reusable packaging. In addition to the price of the product, the customer in the store will also have to pay a deposit, which will be returned to him when returning the packaging. Packaging may be returned to commercial units and other collection points, including separate collection points for municipal waste.

MEP Katarzyna Osos wrote a parliamentary question on the solutions proposed by the Ministry of Climate regarding extended producer responsibility and the deposit system.

It reads: “In accordance with the European Union regulations, producers of, among others, packaging products will finance the collection and management of packaging waste at a much higher level than is currently the case. The funds obtained in this way are to fill the investment gap and create an efficient recovery system. recyclable materials. (…) ”

We know that the Ministry of Climate is analyzing various options for introducing a waste management fee. Mainly for entrepreneurs introducing packaged products to the market. Packaging that has the least negative impact on the environment will be promoted. Recyclable inventory without the need to use complex processing technologies. The so-called bail system. It consists in the fact that residents will be able to return, for example, plastic or glass packaging to the store and receive a refund of the previously collected deposit.

The MP asks:

– Why is currently nothing known about how the deposit system should look like in practice?
– What will the costs of the deposit system be and will it not additionally burden the trade industry?
– Will the proposed solutions have an impact only on entrepreneurs, traders and consumers?
– What financial contribution will the state budget have for this project (good due to its concern for the environment)?
– Will the extended liability of producers, obliging entrepreneurs placing certain products on the market research in Poland. Is packaging, creating an additional burden on entrepreneurs? Can they count on any discounts on this account?

Ireneusz Zyska, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Climate, answered the questions.

– The general principles of the deposit system operation were presented by the Ministry during a consultation meeting with entrepreneurs. The meeting took place on September 2, 2019 and at the meeting on January 23 this year. According to the information provided, the system is to cover both selected disposable and reusable packaging.

How will this work?

In addition to the price of the product, the customer in the store will also have to pay a deposit. This one will be returned to him when the package is returned. It is planned that the packages can be returned to commercial units and other collection points. Including selective municipal waste collection points. The deposit system will be part of the extended producer responsibility, therefore, those who place products in packaging covered by the deposit will be financially responsible for collecting packaging in this system. (…) producers placing products on the market are to cover, inter alia, costs related to separate collection of waste, and then its transport and treatment at the level necessary to achieve EU goals. (..)

Details of the deposit system will be presented in the draft act which transposes the so-called waste package, i.e. the amendment to the EU waste directives. At present, the bill is at the stage of internal legislative work, writes Ireneusz Zyska.

Published On: February 12th, 2020 at 4:37 AM