On average, a Polish family will spend PLN 1,700 on school starter kit.

The Polish family will spend around PLN 1718 on the school layette. A recent study has shown that two-thirds of this sum will be consumed by clothes, shoes and school supplies. The first edition of the “School Layette 2019” report shows that Poles will go shopping in August. 91 percent respondents want to apply for funding under the “Good start” program.

School starter kit for three children costs up to 2742 PLN.

The beginning of the school year is a heavy burden on the household budget and, on the other hand, an important period for retail chains. This is happening not only in Poland. According to a recent study, on average, Americans are going to spend $ 518 per year on one child. In the case of Poland it will be around $ 300. In such a comparison, differences in the purchasing power of money should be taken into account.

It turns out that over half of Poles (almost 51 %) intend to spend as much money on the school starter kit as last year. In the case of nearly 30% it will be more than a year ago. Around 18 % is going to spend less.

One third of Poles intend to spend more. This is associated with higher prices. This means that we will not buy more, we will pay more.

The needs of children are also growing.

In nine out of ten cases, the children themselves have an impact on what clothes they buy. In the case of electronic gadgets and computers, this percentage is 80 % for first category and 76 % for the second one.

Parents will spend approximately 7.4 hours in stationary stores, and approximately 4.4 hours on online shopping. Notebooks, pens and other school supplies are mainly bought in stationary stores. The largest part of the household budget will be spent in hypermarkets (16%), clothing chains (14%) and discount stores (11%). Some surprise was what came out in the study. Namely – convenience is important to parents, not price. Some parents value the type of delivery. Only in third place is the price.