Ola Gajdała
Ola Gajdała

At Stratega, people create the company and ensure the highest quality of services. Because of this, we are proud to introduce our new team member – Ola Gajdała who will support us as our new Research Manager!

Ola Gajdała – ambitious and committed, a graduate of the University of Lodz and Warsaw University of Technology, with 15 years of experience in market research. Her international experience and passion for research make her work more than just a daily duty.

For 12 years, she researched the market as a freelancer. She managed both international as well as national projects. She has great experience in conducting research – she moderated numerous focus groups and conducted hundreds of individual interviews. Ola also took care of designing research materials, conducting district works, and prepared, analyzed and presented reports. Her wide and hands-on experience is an extremely valuable asset that guarantees the highest quality of her research.

For the next 5 years, she continued her career at the Educational Research Institute (IBE). There, she dealt with the recruitment of respondents, organization of conferences and training sessions, project evaluation and analysis, and of course, fieldwork. She spent the next 5 years at Just Worldwide Ltd, starting as a fieldwork consultant, and finishing as a Team Leader.

Her specialties are health care market research; B2B market research and B2C research in Poland; management of international, complex, multi-stage projects; as well as conducting educational research.

Described as a committed and loyal team leader by both former employers and associates – from October this year, Ola and her many years of experience have been supplying our Stratega team ensuring an even higher quality of our services.

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Published On: October 18th, 2019 at 4:16 AM