polish market insights
polish market insights

On average, a Polish family will spend PLN 1,700 on the school starter kit

A recent study by Deloitte provided interesting, and worrying, Polish market insights on the costs of living in our country. It occurs that an average Polish family will spend approximately PLN 1718 on the school layette. Polish parents would most probably start hunting for clothes, shoes, and school supplies in August.

What will we buy?

The beginning of the school year can be a difficult time for parents in all countries. Yet, some shopping behaviors might differ depending on the country, and specific needs and customer habits related to that. For instance, the report indicates that Polish parents spend less on clothes and accessories than American ones. At the same time, here in Poland, the costs of stationery products, such as pens, pencils, crayons etc., will be higher than those included in their American peers’ backpacks.

Considering the general amount spent on starter kits, ut turns out that over half of Poles expect to spend as much on that as they did last year. Almost one-third of the respondents assume they will spend more, which might result from the higher prices, not necessarily higher need.

Where will we buy?

Market trends in Poland indicate that Polish parents, and consumers in general, are more and more likely to turn to e-commerce. Also in the case of children’s school layette, some of the goods will be purchased online. Analysts estimate that an average parent will spend nearly 7 hours shopping offline and another 4 hours searching for goods online. This indicates changing trends as regards shopping habits – price is becoming to mean less than convenience, which is an interesting direction that all market research in Poland specialists should follow.

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Published On: August 9th, 2019 at 3:42 AM