Oszczędności Polaków
Oszczędności Polaków

The minimum level of financial reserve is considered to be savings covering the cost of living for 6 months. The minimum level of savings that we consider necessary for our sense of security is on average PLN 69,000.

Almost all studies and market research in-depth analysis, shows that everyone should have at least three wages set aside for a rainy day. This sum should be set aside for sudden and unforeseen expenses. However, the minimum level of financial reserve is considered to be savings covering the cost of living for 6 months in case the source of income is lost.

Regardless of the level of earnings of Polish consumers, respondents say that a minimal sense of security brings only large savings. Three quarters of respondents indicated that PLN 100,000 can provide them with a fairly restful sleep. However, every fifth Pole believes that his minimum sum of financial security is PLN 150,000. The average is as much as PLN 69,000.

Recent studies show that the feeling of financial security depends largely on the amount of remuneration. For people with a salary of PLN 1,750, the monthly financial cushion is PLN 48,000. Zloty. For people earning PLN 5,000, it is PLN 105,000. Most often, we save on a personal account and a term deposit at the bank.

A little further on keeping money at home or in a savings account. Polish consumers tend to put aside small amounts every month – up to PLN 100 (32%). From PLN 101 to PLN 250 – 38% of the respondents. Only 1% saves over a thousand zlotys.

More and more households in Poland can boast of having savings. Just 10 years ago, the lack of money “in the sock” was declared by over 3/4 of them. Currently, almost half of Polish homes already have savings. Recently, however, we can see that the increase in savings is declining. This is due to cheap loans and a much lower attractiveness of saving in banks than a few years ago.

Published On: April 17th, 2019 at 7:17 PM