For many companies, social media is one of the most important places to advertise their businesses

Facebook is still the first. Over six million enterprises are actively promoting their activities on the world’s largest social networking site, and as many as 65 million have websites established therein. Let’s look at the latest social media trends in Poland, Europe, and the whole world.

  • Facebook is still the most popular social medium in the world, despite losing young users
  • However, it remains number one in terms of coverage and advertising revenue
  • In 2018, all social networking sites had 3.484 billion users.

In 2018, all social networking sites had a total of 3.484 billion users, which accounted for about 45 percent of the world population. This number is growing every year – compared to 2017, the increase was 280 million, or about 9 percent. In Europe, the number of people using social media amounted to 462.5 million.

The conclusions are simple – whether you like it or not, your audience (and potential clients) are most probably there. And if you want to reach them – you can’t neglect the potential of social media.

Facebook is second to none

Although Facebook is losing young users and still counts various mishaps including regarding the processing of user data, it remains number one when it comes to coverage and advertising revenue. Every month, more than two billion people use it, which is almost a third of the world’s population. However, the report shows that only 51 percent. American teenagers (13-17 years old) declare using this platform, which is a drastic decrease (71%. from 2015!). This phenomenon is also visible in Poland.

Despite this, Facebook statistics are still impressive. The monthly number of active website users at the end of March 2019 was 2.38 billion. It is about 8 percent more per year. The number of daily active users has increased by the same – there are 1.56 billion. The number of fake accounts set up on this platform increased to 116 million, and 255 million accounts are duplicated.

Social media trends in Poland – effect on market research

Social media have become also an effective platform for market research. More and more companies wish their research to be conducted with the use of social media, e.g. WhatsApp groups. This offers unique possibilities to ask respondents to perform some pre-tasks, post some videos, or do some activities related to the product. Such a method is comfortable both for the company and the respondent as well. The company conducting research can modify the tasks or questions during the project. The respondents can connect and perform the tasks anytime during the day.

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