social media trends in Poland
social media trends in Poland

Most businesses are present in social media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram – who doesn’t know these? Statistics say social networking sites have up to 3,5 billion users worldwide nowadays. In Europe alone there are 460 million users! Thus, it’s no surprise that also companies try be active there as well. Recent report indicates that 65 million enterprises have their own social media pages, and many of them believe Facebook or LinkedIn are their main advertising medium.

Most popular social media

Facebook is still on top. Even though, many specialists believed Facebook would get less and less popular in favor of other platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, it still attracts the greatest numbers of users and advertisers in the world. Even though, Facebook tends to lose younger users, it still has the greatest potential as regards the advertising revenue. Although the number of users might have dropped recently, still, 2/3 of the world’s population have their accounts on Facebook.

What gets clear to all social media specialists, each social medium attracts different target group and for different purposes. Facebook still remains the most generic, addressed to the general audience. TikTok is for youngsters, Instagram for fashion lovers and LinkedIn for professionals, one might say. This means that in general, sooner or later, your company will probably end up using at least one of these.

The conclusions are simple – whether you like it or not, your audience (and potential clients) are most probably there. And if you want to reach them – you can’t neglect the potential of social media.

Social media trends in Poland – effect on market research

Social media have become also an effective platform for market research. More and more companies wish their online market research in Poland to be conducted with the use of social media, e.g. WhatsApp groups. This offers unique possibilities to ask respondents to perform pre-tasks, post videos, or do some activities related to the product. Such a method is comfortable both for the company and the respondent as well. The company conducting research can modify the tasks or questions during the project. The respondents can connect and perform the tasks anytime during the day.

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Published On: October 4th, 2019 at 4:10 AM