Upały wpływają na gospodarkę
Upały wpływają na gospodarkę

Air conditioners or ice cream disappearing from stores are one side of the hot weather. On the other hand, workers’ productivity is declining and power plants are overloaded.
For a short period of time, high temperatures result in more water or ice cream sales, but on the other hand, the economy suffers from lower productivity, for example. High-temperature heaters force companies – from offices to stores – to invest in air conditioning, which then covers their daily costs.

What is a dramatic problem for some people may be an opportunity for others. Summer heat is a free advertising campaign for the HVAC industry (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Air-conditioning systems are already standard equipment in new office buildings. Installation companies estimate that about 20-30% of single-family home owners also choose to install them.

The heat is traditionally used by producers of juices, beverages and mineral waters, which we drink more and more. Last year, we needed 2.2 billion liters of soda and about 3.4 billion liters of bottled water to quench our thirst. This year it is not enough. Breweries for which the boiling water is manna from heaven do not hide their joy.

Since the issue of the weather is of fundamental importance to the brewery, the company does not leave everything to fate. He tries to predict the temperature and plan production and sales using weather models.

Weather risk management is an increasingly common practice in Polish companies. A new specialty was born – Climate Consultant. The climate is becoming more and more capricious and business is becoming more sensitive to such fluctuations. Even small changes in the weather translate into lost or lost millions. The obsession with cost cutting made the company’s procedures adapt to the weather. Every disturbance has fatal consequences. As the delivery did not arrive on time, the wind damaged the power line, water flooded the warehouse, etc. Meanwhile, there will be more and more such phenomena.

Published On: June 14th, 2019 at 5:27 PM