Wege rewolucja
Wege rewolucja

In 2019, Warsaw ranks third among the most vegan cities in the world. At every step we hear about veg burgers, veg restaurants, veg cosmetics and even vegan beer. Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, in each of these cities, virtually every new restaurant offers an offer for vegetarians.

The number of people consuming vegetarian products is growing

In 2000, 1% of adult Poles admitted that they do not eat meat. Today it is already 3.2% of Polish consumers. About half a million Poles (1.6%) follow a vegetarian diet, which means that they do not eat meat and fish. The basis of their diet is dairy products, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Another 1.6% are vegans. This means that they limit their diet to plant products only. More and more people aspire to become vegetarians (3.7%).

Despite this, as many as 41% of Poles still believe that vegetarianism is very unhealthy. While many of us are against eliminating meat from our diet, we still eat less every year. The consumption of meat in Poland due to all market research studies in Poland, shows that 67.5 kg per capita (in 2010 it was 73.7 kg).

What makes us switch to a vegan / vegetarian diet?

As always, Millennials are an interesting group with a strong interest in healthy eating, a variety of diets and well-being. The number of vegetarians and vegans is increasing among this group of consumers. The concept of “health and well-being” is not only about diet or fashion for them – for millennials it is more a lifestyle. Recent studies indicate that almost half of Polish respondents aged 16-24 declare readiness to change their lifestyle to a healthier one. In the 25-34 group, this percentage is 39%. Two in ten consumers aged 25–34 say they eat more vegetarian products than a year ago. In addition, almost 10% of respondents in this age group declare that they are on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Published On: June 7th, 2019 at 3:14 PM