COVID-19 crisis has taught us all a lesson. We all remember now how important our health is. We’ve taken care of all hygienic and safety measures (being stricter than ever). Now, that the restrictions have been relaxed a little, we’re slowly coming back to our offices. Therefore, it’s necessary to remember about the basic rules that we should still follow. During the pandemic, we turned to online market research methods (you can read about them here). Yet, now, we’re already getting back to face-to-face studiesfocus groups and individual in-depth interviews in our i-view in Warsaw.  Thus, we’ve been working hard to provide our clients and respondents with all the hygiene and safety measures in our viewing facility. Read more to find out how we’re taking care of it!

Health and safety measures in viewing facility

Physical distancing

i-view is one of the most modern and best-equipped viewing facilities in Poland. Its usual capacity reaches up to 50 people during one event. Yet, in the times of pandemic, we’ve reduced the number of participants to keep the safe 2-meter distance from each other. Luckily, with our 250 square meters of space, we can still offer you comfort and enough room to realize all kinds of market research projects.

We reorganized all our conference rooms to leave the desired distance between each seat.

hygiene and safety measures in viewing facility

Washing your hands & disinfectants

We prepared hand sanitizers in prominent places in the facility, for our guests to be able to easily reach for them whenever they need to. There are also paper towels, tissues, and closed bins available all over the place, in case anyone felt a runny nose or coughed.

Also, we take extra care of cleaning our premises. Our staff frequently clean and disinfect all door handles, counters, seats, and tables. We do our best to keep the place clean and safe, for our clients, respondents, and our workers, as well.

hygiene and safety measures in viewing facility


For your safety and comfort, we’ve decided to resign from the ordered food and eating together on our premises. We offer our guests services of the local restaurants, to reduce the number of people sharing our common room or kitchen.


Our viewing facility is equipped with a high-quality automatic ventilation system. This not only increases the comfort of people staying in the rooms but also helps take care of their health, and performance because such a system minimizes the recirculation of the air.

All applicable rules regarding COVID-19 can be found on WHO website and our Polish government sites.

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Published On: June 16th, 2020 at 1:29 AM