…..but their physical activity dropped sport and recreation.

Last year, the Polish sports industry was worth close to PLN 10 billion, and related budget investments reached nearly PLN 1.8 billion. The world sport market was worth last year almost half a trillion dollars.The average household budget for sports and recreation is PLN 458, which means that over four years, expenditure on sports and recreation has increased by PLN 40. The largest increase in expenses concerned the purchase of sportswear, and the smallest purchase, maintenance and rental of sports equipment.

According to the report, budget investments related to the Polish sport market reach nearly PLN 1.8 billion. “Poles spend more and more on sport and recreation, but their physical activity decreases: only 28% of our compatriots regularly play sport (while in EU countries it is about 40%), and 56% do not do it at all. This means that since 2004, lack of physical activity in our country has increased by 10 %.

Experts have also calculated that the lack of physical activity of the inhabitants of our country brings Polish economy PLN 7 billion in losses annually.

The direct impact that the sport industry generates on the entire economy and the impact that has an impact on other industries in the economy is almost PLN 10 billion. As for the salaries themselves, the equivalent of nearly PLN 3 billion was paid out. In turn, the jobs that the sport industry provides directly and indirectly throughout the economy are close to 110,000 jobs