The subscription model has grown an extremely popular trend in Poland in recent years. This global trend impacts our local Polish services market substantially and it’s hard not to notice it in everyday lives. Such a model is becoming a standard when “purchasing” goods and services. Books, music, films, newspapers – all of these are more and more frequently “borrowed” rather than “bought”.

Subscription trends in Poland

A recent extensive review of subscriptions in Poland shows that Polish consumers are becoming more and more fond of subscriptions. The analysis of over 2 000 responses indicated that 90% of consumers no longer BUY certain goods or services. The authors of the report mention some examples, such as Netflix or Spotify that offer their resources on a rental basis.

The subscription-based business model has a lot of advantages – both for the consumer and the seller. Considering the consumers’ perspective, you gain access to numerous resources all at once, and you don’t need to decide on any particular one when registering. As a seller, you’ve got a confirmed source of income for a set period of time.

Interestingly, the demographic group most interested in subscriptions include those aged 18-35. The older ones already use such services, and the younger ones, who will start doing it soon. Technological advancement made it an easy way for gaining access to entertainment and other services. Thus, it’s no surprise that’s a growing trend in Poland.

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