Despite the fact that every third Polish consumer believes that the current economic situation in Poland is worse than a year ago, and more than half of the respondents believe that in the coming months Poland will be affected by recession, Polish consumers are among the most optimistic Europeans in terms of assessing the economic situation – this is what appears recently conducted research.

As part of an international survey carried out by a network of independent research agencies from around the world, residents of twenty-two countries around the world, including ten from Europe, were asked about their assessment of the economic situation in their countries and their personal financial situation.

Comparing the opinions of Poles with the opinions of residents of other European countries, we are in the top three countries where this assessment is the most positive.

Although every third Pole thinks that his household is more difficult to make ends meet than a year ago, in the case of eight out of ten countries surveyed this percentage was higher. Women are more pessimistic in this respect – in their case the percentage increases to 41%. Poles are also the most optimistic nation when it comes to recession – only the Austrians are more optimistic. Every third Pole counts on the deterioration of the financial situation in our country.

The level of satisfaction and consumer optimism indicators is primarily influenced by the economic situation. Compared to other Europeans, Poles are one of the societies that least fear the crisis. – As the wealth of the Poles’ portfolio has increased significantly – average monthly gross income, according to the Central Statistical Office, has doubled since 2000, they feel more confident and have fewer concerns about what awaits them. Over the past 10 years, self-esteem of the financial situation of households and the country’s economy has increased.

At the same time – when we are doing better and the supply of goods is high – we want to spend money more and more rationally.

In the last decade, the percentage of people who declare that they have reduced their expenses for the basic needs of everyday life has increased. When it comes to the current assessment of perspectives, the material status is the key. Political aspects are less important, it is important how much money we have in our pocket and whether it is enough for the first.