Up to 30% of Polish consumers believe the current economic situation in Poland is worse than a year ago – 2019 IRIS Financial Confidence Survey indicates. More than half of the respondents believes Poland will experience a recession. Yet, the results show we’re one of the most optimistic nations in Europe as regards our financial situation. 

Polish consumers positive about their economic situation

A study, including 22 countries around the world, revealed that Polish respondents were in Top 3 as regards feeling positive about their economic situation. One out of three Polish men believed their financial status was worse than in the previous year, the same applied to over 40% of the female respondents. This might suggest females in Poland feel more insecure about their financial situation.

Importantly, only 14% of the studied Poles felt our country experienced a financial crisis. Another 34% expected the financial situation of Poland to get worse this year. Such results were one of the lowest among all the studied countries, which might suggest that Polish people do not fear of crisis.

How do we spend money?

Yet, even though Polish respondents might not feel afraid of the crisis, they cut expenses. The latest market research in Poland shows that 28% of the respondents admit that recently they could not afford a doctor’s visit. Moreover,  another 30% reduces expenses on medicines, and every third respondent decided to spend less on food as well.

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Published On: October 31st, 2019 at 4:28 AM