Around 26 % of adult Polish consumers smoke cigarettes – every fifth regularly and every twentieth occasionally. The popularity of smoking depends on gender. There are more smoking men than women.

A recent study has checked whether the percentage of smokers and attitudes towards smokers has changed in recent years. In addition, he asked about using electronic cigarettes. According to the authors of the study, the number of traditional cigarette smokers in Poland has remained at a similar level for years, but a downward trend can be seen.

The sex of respondents has a great impact on the popularity of smoking. The percentage of smoking men is 31 % – including regular smokes 26 %. The percentage of smoking women is 21 % – including 17% smokes regularly. In recent years, a clear decrease in the number of men smoking can be seen, because in 2012 smoking declared by 40 percent. men, i.e. since then smoking men is less by 9 percentage points.

Most often, people aged 45-64 smoke. Smoking is the least popular among people aged 18-24.

The education of respondents has a great impact on the popularity of smoking. It is harder to find a smoker among people with higher education – only 17% respondents declare regular smoking. Most often people with primary or lower secondary education and with basic vocational smoke – 34% respectively. and 33 %. Among the unemployed 45% belongs to the smoking group, and among unskilled workers as much as 49 %.

The lowest smokers are recorded among management and specialists (15 %), as well as among pupils and students (14 %). People in a worse financial situation with low income per capita more often reach for a cigarette. There is also a relationship between religiosity and smoking – people who are weakly involved in religious life smoke more often than people who regularly participate in religious practices