Stratega Poland to increase CATI and CAPI capabilities

Startega Poland is adding 10 CATI stations to its CATI studio in Poland taking the total number of CATI stations to 20 and expands CAPI capabilities.

The move comes at a time when most other market research agencies in Poland reduce the use of CAPI and CATI in Poland in favour of online methodology.

[pullquote]“Our decision to increase CATI and CAPI capabilities in Poland is based on the increased demand from our international market research clients. We run large CATI projects in Poland with low IR consumers, physicians, business people and other hard to reach targets. Other market research methodologies such as online surveys and car clinics require a large-scale telephone recruitment operation that can only be run from a professional call centre in Poland. Some of the car clinics or hall tests we see recently require 300 respondents to attend over just 2 or 3 days. In order to manage these large market research projects we needed to recruit respondents from our CATI studio and increase the number of CAPI tablets in our CAPI fleet.”[/pullquote] says Lukasz Wdowiak, Director, Business Development at Stratega Poland.

Stratega Poland is a market research agency in Poland offering qualitative and quantitative data collection and market research services to Polish and international clients. Stratega is headquartered in central Warsaw, Poland near the famous Zlote Tarasy shopping center and Palac Kultury and runs a CATI studio and operations office in Belchatow near Warsaw.

[pullquote]“It may look like we try to buck the trend in Poland, by increasing our capabilities in more traditional market research methods such as CATI and CAPI, but it is far from the truth. We are experts in online market research in Poland and we have one of the best Polish online panels. This is why we know that some targets such as rare consumers, patients, physicians and B2B respondents still require offline telephone recruitment. We use a phone to web method for all hard to reach targets. We recruit large samples of physicians and other demanding targets thanks to our CATI capabilities. In addition to that, we see an increase in demand for F2F interviews using CAPI on tablets. In market research methodologies such as store exit interviews, car clinics, central location or hall tests CAPI on tablets is the most efficient data collection method.”[/pullquote] says Izabela Remba, Director, Market Research Operations at Stratega Poland.